Mini-Course #2 Build Reading Stamina


In the same way that we build physical stamina (strength) through exercise and practice, we need to help our children build Reading Stamina by practicing their ability to concentrate for longer periods of time. This is important now in school, later if they attend college or trade school, and all through life when they need to concentrate on their work to perform well.

Your 5 minute Homework

watchThis exercise is like steadily walking up steps to reach your goal at the top. Set the stop watch on your phone and observe how long your children can sit quietly and concentrate while doing their homework or reading without needing a drink, a snack, a bathroom break, looking around, fidgeting, or talking.  After you see the time, you will explain to them what Reading Stamina is and that you want to do an experiment to help them build their reading strength.

  • Set the timer on your phone for a few seconds below the time you observed them being quiet.  This will give them a little head start as a motivator. Reward their good work.
  • Every day, from now on, add one minute to the timer each day (30 seconds for very young kids).
  • Keep going up until they reach what you deem to be the correct time for their age. Keep reminding them what they are doing and keep rewarding them for achieving a new time.

Building Listening Comprehension

You did it again!  A+ for teaching your children how to build their Reading Stamina. Using the framework in the Read-Aloud guides in my book, Creating Smart-Thinking Readers, work on building Listening Stamina by reading wonderful high-level picture book stories with them as you continue to create your smart-thinking readers.

You can also join us on my You Tube Channel, Creating Smart Readers (link to the right) to hear me read stories to children. If you subscribe to this Blog and my You Tube channel, you will receive a notice every time there is a new post.

“Happy Reading!”